Kitchen Battle: Shirley vs Chopper

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter “S”, as in “Squirrel”, “Sister”, “Shirley”.   All of which  make reference to the protagonist.

A while ago, Squirrel, in one of her moments of pure enlightenment says:

“I need one of those things where you put your vegetable in, push the handle down and chop.  I’m tired of my eyes watering when I’m trying to cut onions.”

Eyebrow arched, I naively ask: “Why don’t you just refrigerate them before chopping?”

She scoffs, “Oh, that’s too much work.”

Mm-k.  So we’re off to the purchase a hand-held chopper, the answer to her life’s problems, she’d lead you to believe.

Home again.  She’s in the kitchen, contraption in one hand, the onion… one large behemoth in the other.  After a lengthy battle, some grunts, some scuffling being heard coming from the kitchen, I head to see what’s going on and how she’s “progressing”.  There she is standing there, pushing down on the handle with as much force as she could muster only to never have it return to position A.  Her next step, chopping the onion out of the chopper with watery eyes.

Final Score:

Onion 1, Shirley 0

  1. July 26th, 2011

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