“Dear earthling, I am a creature from outer space. I’ve transformed myself into this HTML document. Right now…”

Major points to anyone who remembers that (minus the modification).
Now that I went completely off-topic, I’m going to reel myself in. Let’s have a Q & A, sexies.

Q: Lawrence, why did you make this site?
A: Well shnoogums, the purpose of this site is to publish recipes from various local restaurants and bars in the Palm Beach County area, as well as some good ole fashioned home cooking (from the world over, hopefully).

Q: Why do you think that’s useful?
A: I know it’s useful for me, because it’s not every night that I’d like to go out and blow $14 on a cocktail, $20+ on a meal. So, with this site, you can make the same things (assuming you have the appropriate skill set, I can’t make promises if you’re still having a hard time boiling water) at home. Tweak them to your liking, make them healthier/less healthy. It’s your world.
Jokes aside, I think this will prove to be a valuable site for gatherings with friends.

Q:  What sort of information can I find here?
A:  Recipes, deals, being enlightened on the multitude of eateries (and maybe eventually events) which can be found throughout Palm Beach County, their contact information.  This is a work in progress, so like myself it will continue to evolve.


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