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Haïti: Never Forgotten



Today marks one year since the devastating earthquake hit Haiti, the land on which I was born.  The vibrant colorful island, full of life & love, that still runs through my veins to this day.

This post is in remembrance of those who needless lost their lives, for those who lost their families, their friends, their homes.  This post is for my family, who was in Port-au-Prince at the time and made it out visibly shaken, but grateful to be alive.

There’s a proverb that goes “with many hands, the burden isn’t heavy”.  I truly believe that with people putting their heart and energy (unselfishly) into the reconstruction, Haiti will not only prevail but prosper.

Sincere acknowledgement & appreciation goes to Pastor Amos Myrtil with the Duvivier Project, a sustainable farm initiative in Plaisance, Haiti and also to Randy Mont-Renaud of If Pigs Could Fly for the work being done in Mon Bouton.

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Digital art by YANNICK DE SMET

Sit down boys & girls, it’s story time.

Once upon a time, in what is now Myanmar, there was a young man named Theinhko, the son of Sale Ngahkwe.  At 25 years old, he ascended the throne.  One day, as he was fleeing from battle exhausted and thirsty, he “deebo“-ed a cucumber from a farmer’s field at which point he met his demise.

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2010 in review – Thank you!

The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

Healthy blog!

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Photograph by ALEX MORALES

So after work today, I headed to the Vietnamese market in order to pick up some soy sauce for Singapore noodles I was planning on having for dinner. Upon reaching the register, I noticed there were some fuzzy little balls at the counter. The cashier told me that they’re called Rambutan & were priced a little over $5 per pound so I purchased a handful to try out.

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Knock, Knock!

Photograph by LEQUIP

So, I’ll admit that I’m a bit embarrass to be showing my keystrokes at the end of the month, so please forgive me.  What happened, you may be wondering?  Lost of zing, prior obligations, watching martial arts films, mind chasing butterflies… who knows.  The point is here I am, babies.  I come crawling back to you, tail tucked between legs.

So, where should we begin?  True to the blog title, we’ll Cook, Mix and Mingle.

From the bottom of my beating heart,

Breaking News: Chicken boobs impersonating chicken wings!

Hello all, today is Wednesday July 21st, 2010.  It is with a heavy heart (and full belly… just had dinner) that I bring you this bit of news today… but I would not be a true food lover if I were to let this atrocity continue.

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Sponge, deodorize yourself man… you smell!

Photograph by LOOSHI-X

So, today while wiping down the cutting board after I’d chopped up some onions to make lentil soup, I thought to myself: “Sponge, you smell”. I could either:

  • Throw said sponge away or
  • Sanitize it with some essential oils by either boiling or nuking it for a short while in the microwave.

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