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MINGLE: Little Shop of Horrors (Lake Worth Playhouse)


From October 6th to the 23rd, catch Little Shop of Horrors at the Lake Worth Playhouse.  Attend opening night for a chance to win an exotic plants like the Audrey II!

Individual tickets are $26 and $30 for regular performances.  Group tickets (10+) can be purchased by calling (561) 586-6410.  Dinner & Show packages are also available.  Visit their website for more info.

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Photograph by OWL-EYES

 The Village Players are looking for three male actors, one 20-30, two over 40, to perform in Cocktails with Mimi. Rehearsals are now. The performances are Nov. 19 to Dec. 5. Contact Alan Collins, director, at (561) 586-0486 or
Mimi Ralston, a wealthy and much-married divorcee, is giving a party in honor of the reputedly formidable parents of her daughter’s fiancé. Typically she engages a stunt “waiter” to insult her guests and, specifically, to spill soup on the stuffed-shirt Calthorpes. But her daughter, Edie, fearing that her mother would never be able to stomach her future in-laws, has hired two actors to impersonate them–which works fine until the real Calthorpes arrive on the scene with their son. Thereafter the mistaken identities (and the fun) proliferate, until all is in a state of hilarious confusion. Fortunately things are eventually set straight, as is Edie–who learns some lessons in love and life which spare her from what could have been a most unhappy fate. Continue reading